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We support and apply for Canadian Visa Online on your behalf whenever you need to get one. We provide our services 24/7. We provide our full supports at the cost of USD 55. After you applied for an Electronic Travel Authorization and have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. If you are a resident of Canadian visa-exempt country and visiting Canada by air, you need to get an Electronic Travel Authorization. Otherwise your entry to Canada will be rejected to the immigration counter. We strongly recommend you to apply an Visa Online at least 72 hours before your flight.

Our website helps you apply Electronic Travel Authorization on your behalf. After you apply, your Electronic Travel Authorization approval result by e-mail. If you don’t receive the e-mail, please, confirm your e-mail address again and check your spam folder. If your passport information are not identified, we will not be able to proceed your application. (Name, Gender, Nationality, Passport No.) So, make sure of your information you filled out before you submit. Before applying for Electronic Travel Authorization at our website, please check and confirm our service profile, the payment, and our user policy. And please make sure you are qualified for applying Electronic Travel Authorization.

Service Fee includes the following:

- Assistance and Help to fill in the form - Support and assistance 24/24h and 7/7 per e-mail
- Frequently asked questions available - Verification and control of information required
- Checking the data submitted - Correction of your file in case of inaccuracy of the data provided
- Notification of the progress of your file - Sending your approval notification by e-mail
- Storage service of your approved Visa for 3 year - Recovery of your Visa in case of loss
- Simple and intuitive interface - Full refund if your travel authorization is refused
- The application service is USD 55 including Government processing fee CAD 7.

Our site is using SSL encryption and
taking steps to secure credit card information.

cavisaeta.com is a private company not affiliated with the Government of Canada. We assist visitors from eligible countries to apply for a Canada Visa Online with advising our clients through the Canadian visa process. If you wish to apply directly, you may apply through Canadian Government.
If you wish to submit your application through the Canadian Government website for a lower price and reduced assistances you may apply there. Our application service fee is USD 55. It is quoted with Government processing fee of application and Service charge. The applicants who doesn’t wish to submit through our website, can file an application through the Canadian Government and Border Protection.

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